Thursday, 17 March 2011

first designs

The following images shown below are the first initial ideas i have, taking into account what i have researched and what work i personally liked.

The front cover of the menu hasn't changed much only so it fits within the 4 column grid system. Apart from that everything else is the same, I like the use of space already. I've got a good feeling i've taken the right route.

This is the first page of the double page spread, ( it doesn't have the grey outline, i had to include that otherwise the white backgrounds would just blend) I did as i said i was going to do with the image over 2 columns, i personally think it is working well thats also because it's a good image.

The typography used at the side uses the same font as the logo, this is to keep consistency, but to also keep it separate from the menu itself, so people don't think is apart of the starters menu etc. I used the corporate brown colour as i will be using the green for the more important  typography, so this just creates a contrast.

To make it look a little bit fancy i used a large capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, I did this because i picked up that most fancy looking menus, booklets etc use this to make them look traditional. So used it because  i wanted my menu to look slightly traditional and posh looking.
I also used the dotted line running down the side of the page to keep in with the rest of the design, but also to stop it look like the typography is floating on the page. It holds all the design together.

This is the 2nd page of the double page spread, taking in what i have seen from other menus and booklets, i used the white space to my advantage. I looks neat but considered with the use of the grid system, the type from page one does line up with the first paragraph on this page, to keep it looking balanced. 
However to keep it looking slightly asymmetrical, i used the end column of the grid for the header, which again adds a lot of considered space. The footer with the snail is used to keep consistency, as i used it one the front cover. I just think it adds a uniqueness, but also just holds all the page together, stops it looking as if it's floating.

Its slightly small but this what the first 2 pages look like together, so far i think it's not looking too bad.

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