Friday, 18 March 2011

whats next?

I had many ideas of what other aspects i could design, e.g. wine bottle labels, direct mail, cutlery, condiment labels, restaurant front. etc.
I decided on the condiments labels and shop front as i'd already done wine bottle label and direct mail. I wanted to try something different. Which lead me onto plate design and napkins, which would be no problem in making.

I wanted to start with the designing of the food labels, as the rest is basically applying the logo or part of the logo to imagery.

I wanted the food labels to look as though they belonged and fitted in with the menu, so i used the same typography, colours and similar layout.

After producing the menu, creating food labels wasn't hard at all, it was basically using the same principles, just less content. I used the same 4 column grid system, making it asymmetrical to get a similar look to the menu. I used all the same colours, typefaces and dotted line for the footer. The only difference is the extra colour used in Tomato Sauce, just makes sense to use red because tomatoes are red, then used the green from the logo to keep it corporate.

I will use different colours for the titles of the sauce, so you can tell the difference between the labels, but to also link in with the colour of the sauce itself.

This shows the back of the label, the boring part with all the ingredients. To make it more interesting i increased the size of the green leaf and lined it up with the paragraph, just to add a bit more design to it.
All the colours are the same as the previous and i have used the dotted line with the snail, to reinforce the brand, and also to keep a similar layout to the menu.

I have produced mustard and salad cream labels to complete the set, they look exactly the same just different coloured titles. The corporate brown for the word english and a yellow/orange for mustard. A light green for salad and the corporate green for cream.

These labels will then be imposed onto an appropriate style style, i will upload this later on.

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