Tuesday, 29 March 2011

other items

These were really simple to put together, its all about to placing the logo onto other objects, so here we have a dinner plate.

I didnt want to use the logo for lettuce eat, so decided to use just the image that gives the brand its character. I think it works well, it still carries the simplicity used throughout the whole brand.
I also feel its just the right amount of design to use on a plate, otherwise it would start to look crowded and tacky.

The next aspect i have chosen is the napkins found in the restaurant.

Again the same colour scheme is used, with the same design to keep the consistency. It's very minimalist which i like anyway. I feel just little subtle touches like this just adds value to the over all product.

This is the mustard label for the homemade condiments, i've tried to impose it as best a could. I made it look like a label on top of a label, because i would have had to stretch it to make it fit. Therefore it would have looked all distorted and looked rubbish.

This is the possible look for the restaurant front, it may not be the final one. I just wanted to get an idea of how it may look.

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