Friday, 18 February 2011

development and alterations

I didn't really like the look of the font with reduced kerning, i just didn't think it gave the right look.
As i have always used reduced kerning on all my typography, i thought i would try something new, same with using a serif typeface.

Below is the original, just as it comes:

And then there's my version:

By using capitals not balances the whole thing out, (because before the letter T's made it look a little bit of a jumble) but it also helps the audience to read it a lot easier, if i didn't make the letter E on eat a capital both words would merge together and wouldn't be as easy to understand, because of the same colour used. However i will be using a different colour, more earthy colours to show that it's an organic food restaurant.

Now to add some colour, i will be using more warmer shades this time rather than the washed colours shown previously. I like the idea of using to separate colours again for each or the words like before. Doing it this way again makes it a lot clearer and easier to read.

For the colour scheme i wanted to choose colours that complemented each other, rather than to serve the purpose of separating to words.
Sticking to earth colours, made it a lot easier to fit colours that worked well together, as everyone thinks of greens and browns.
The colour contrast works really well with these colours, i will be keeping this colour scheme and will consider using it through other means, such as menu's, napkins etc.

I still think it needs a little something extra to make it look more classy, i kind of fell across this by accident as i was searching for symbols, i came across a fancy looking leaf on wingdings that i thought would work nicely.

I just finishes off the logo and adds a uniqueness to it. I have also included a sub title of organic restaurant to be used on shop fronts, menu etc. but could work without if necessary.

Now i have a logo, what to do next?

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