Tuesday, 15 February 2011

names round two

I still wanted a quirky name for my restaurant, but now my choice is endless. 
I didn't really know where to start, so looked good restaurant names, however i was bombard by funny ones instead these where just a few:

There were others for other themed restaurants e.g  'Balti Towers' for an Indian restaurant and 'Pizza the action' for an italian. Both are really cheesy, but a great play on words and thats when i came up with my name.

I really don't no where it came from, just thinking of what people do in restaurants and i played on the fact of eating. Taken from what the vicar says in church, let us pray, but i twisted it to let us eat, trying to give the impression my restaurant was a place to worship food.

It then hit me, that let us, sounded like Lettuce, so in the end went for the name:
                                         'Lettuce Eat'

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