Friday, 18 February 2011

On the look out for fonts

I knew what type of serif i wanted to go for, which made it harder for me to find one that i liked. 
I didn't want it to do too harsh like Times New Roman, but i wanted it do be quite soft and a more rounded serif. As i couldn't find one that suited what i was looking for, i decided to look on, to see if could offer me anything, that caught my eye to be suitable.

I came across:

VTKS Estilosa, which looked like this.

I did like the look of this typeface, it fitted nicely with what i was after. I also thought i would work well in the earthy colours. However i didn't just want it to be on it's own, i wanted either a symbol or logotype to accompany it, as i thought it would look boring on it's own.

Below is a developed version:

After using colours and adding a fancy looking leaf, i decided this wan't the right font to use.
I don't know wether it's the colours i've used that make it look washed out, or the fact that the font itself is too thick to use with the leaf. As it doesn't seem to flow nicely, i would rather the leaf be on its own somehow and be made a feature. 
The font is far to chunky and more childlike, than for a fancy upmarket restaurant.

I personally think the font used will be crucial to how the restaurant is perceived, so it needs to be aesthetically pleasing and reflect the theme of the restaurant.

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