Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hold Your Horses

As i haven't got a clear view in my mind on what the logo for my restaurant will look like, i wanted to look at some existing organic restaurant logos for inspiration.

I know i want my logo in a serif font, preferably with green/earth colours and a connection to the environment through an image, e.g leaf, stem, green swirl, etc. 

Below are a few logos with my ideas in mind:

I think its clever use of imagery, turning the fork into a tree, however the styling just wouldn't fit into the style i see for my own restaurant. The colours work well together, however i don't like how typography is lined up, organic food needs to be moved slightly to the right.
It probably works for the company it's portraying, but not the style i'm looking for at all.

I like the look of this font, it's very similar to the font used on the 'item' restaurant. However i feel it is let down by the image of the leaves. It makes it look cheap, it would have worked with  just the name. I will be taking into account how the stem flows off the letter g, i think this works ok with this particular font as it has nice serifs. However if it was an ordinary serif typeface such as Times New Roman, it wouldn't have the same effect as the serifs on that are straight.

Below depicts the same company just with different logos.
Out of the logos i have shown i like these ones the most, as they fit better with what i am after in terms of my own logo.

This is the first of two logos for the same company. The first aspect i am drawn to is the logotype, just because it includes the only bright colour. The colour also reinforces the name of the restaurant and the fact it's a leaf. I like the logotype, but i feel it's a little fussy and over powering compared to the typography used.
I like the font that is used, even though it's a serif typeface it still has a modern feel. Although i think it could have done with being a bit bolder to match the weight of strokes used on the logotype, as it seems to fade to the background because the logotype is bold.

This is updated logo for the green restaurant and i love the transformation! This has to be my favourite logo out of all of them shown, just because of its simplicity and use of colour.
Using the colour green for the word green works so much better than the previous logo, the name stands out a lot more which is just common sense.
The typeface used also suits it a lot better than the previous typeface, even though that one had potential also.
And last but not least my favourite part, the logotype. I love how the wine glass is made into a fork, it's quirky and memorable but also reinforces what the restaurant has to offer the customers. The leaf used is in it's simplest form, which echos the simplicity of the whole logo.
I love everything about this logo, and it shows that less is more when it comes to logo design.

After looking at the logos i have analysed, i will take into consideration what makes a good logo and what makes a bad one, so i can create a good one for my own restaurant.

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